Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Groomer

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Whether you are showing your dog, you don’t feel confident enough to cut your dog’s nails, your dog’s coat has a particular way to be cut, or style you’d prefer, or, even, that your dog just wants to be pampered and enjoys the complete experience.

Whatever the reason, you will want to make certain you choose a trustworthy, experienced and understanding dog groomer.

1. First Steps To Finding your dog groomer
Look on the internet ~ type in ‘finding a puppy groomer’ into Google and it’ll talk about dog grooming businesses locally. When there is a site and Facebook page, take a look at them. Have a look at any reviews on the website or Facebook page. Their website and Facebook page will give you a good ‘feel’/insight to the business and people who work there.
Ask your vet ~ Your vet might be able to recommend at reputable dog groomer in the area and, in some instances, they could have a groomer who computes of the clinic.
Person to person ~ the thing that dog owners are, is very chatty, especially if you meet anyone who has your dog the same breed as yours. If your dog looks well-groomed, ask which dog groomer they have used. Ask friends, and family, for tips of the groomer they use. You could also ask your breeder, if you have a puppy, but usually the breeder will not live local for you.
Dog grooming associations ~ take a look at dog grooming associations websites. Frequently they will have a ‘Find A Groomer’ search function. Whilst groomers don’t need to be a member of an association, ones that are members, have registered to a ‘Code of Conduct’ and follow the associations standards. There are the following associations in the united kingdom, the “International Professional Groomers Inc”, the “British Isles Grooming Association” and the “British Dog Groomer Association”.
2. FACTS TO CONSIDER When Choosing YOUR DOG Groomer
Does your pet have any special requirements? The grooming visit should maintain positivity experience for your pet, therefore the groomer can meet any physical or behavioural needs whenever your dog is left with them.
Would your pet be happier to be groomed at home or in a salon You understand your pet best, is he/she nervous? Or maybe they don’t like being handled? Doesn’t like loud noises? Being groomed at home may help calm a nervous dog.
How often would you like your pet to be groomed? We’ve our dogs washed and tidied up every 6 weeks or so. However, Barney gets a full handstrip twice a year, it might even be three times this year! Some people prefer to have their dog spruced up weekly or only one time a year, your groomer should help you when your dog needs grooming for their coat/breed.
What do you want the dog groomer to do? Groomers usually have different packages, that will include different facets of grooming.
3. Go to the Dog Grooming Salon
Once you’ve found a groomer and prior to making a scheduled appointment, you should go to the salon. An excellent groomer will be pleased to take time to chat with you and demonstrate their premises.

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You will be buying a clean and protected climate for your dog. A location where you feel comfortable leaving your pet. Take your dog along, this is a good socialisation experience for your dog to meet up with the groomer, who should connect to your pet (positively), ask you questions and what your expectations are for your dog’s grooming session.

Does the equipment look clean, could it be safely stored? Is premises safe for dogs, clean with good lighting?

Do you be pleased to leave your dog in the care of the groomer with these premises?

Does your pet, and the other dogs in the salon, seem happy being throughout the groomer?

4. Questions To Ask Your Potential Dog Groomer
Your potential dog groomer should be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Below are a few questions you’d like to ask, if indeed they don’t appear whilst in conversation at your visit;

What qualifications do they hold? I had been amazed to learn that the dog grooming industry is unregulated. Anyone can set themselves up as a puppy groomer, without qualifications (in the UK), so it is up to the dog owner to ensure they are simply thrilled with the groomer they choose. The qualifications you ought to be looking for, in the united kingdom, are City and Guilds, either preferably Level 3 (Level 2 is designed for dog grooming assistants and anyone wanting to get started on employed in the industry).
Do they have connection with grooming your breed of dog?
Do they have any before and after photographs showing you?
Do they have a price list, detailing what’s included in the services offered?
Do they keep records of your pet?
Will your pet be left alone anytime?
Will trainees be focusing on your pet? Are they supervised all the time?
Will the same person always groom your pet?
Just how many staff to they have per animal? Our groomer works on an appointment-only basis, this means that each dog is given the correct amount of time and that the work is performed properly rather than rushed.
How many dogs are in the salon at any one time?
Do they have insurance, to protect your pet in case there is an emergency?
What happens within an emergency? What vet do they use?
Ask to check on their references and see a copy of their police check or CRB certificate (to check on that they do not have a police arrest records).
Do they have a wait list? Our groomer is actually booked up and I book my next appointment ahead, as she actually is always busy.
Can they show you how to groom your dog properly at home, using the right tools and technique?
5. ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE To Keep Your Dog Groomer Happy
The partnership with your pet groomer can be an important one, you are leaving your much-loved dog in their care. Below are a few suggestions for ensuring you retain your groomer happy;

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Always be promptly, they are running a business, not a dog crèche!
Make sure your dog did his/her business before their appointment.
Keep up up to now with your preventative treatments. It’s wii idea to use your dog to the groomer if it has fleas!
Advise your groomer of any dietary requirements your dog may have, and take any treats you’ll prefer them to use.
Advise your groomer if your dog has had any issues recently i.e. smelly ears or that they had an upset tummy a couple of days before.
Don’t take a bitch to the groomer when she actually is in season.
Keep these things demonstrate how to groom your dog at home.

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