Lexus is very much indeed part of Toyota, with all that entails. Lexus can be more conservative than its competitors, being slower to respond to rends and less frequent with its model upgrades. If you dream of slipping when driving of your Lexus, you’re not the only person. This German brand is a hugely popular, prestigious car manufacturer with the sort of history and reputation that’s the envy of the industry. Its range of sedans, convertibles, SUVs, and hybrids is hugely desirable, delivering a lavish driving experience and an unbeatable degree of style and comfort. The trouble? None of the comes for free. Although Lexus is known as one of the most affordable gateways in to the world of luxury vehicles, make no mistake – these are high-end cars with the purchase price tags to complement. But before you give up your dream entirely, take a second to examine. Vehicle specifications may vary by market. Contact your local dealer for more information. Check out the Lexus car prices, reviews, photos, specs and other features from Lexus showroom

  1. Lexus is the upscale version of Toyota. The brand’s name was inspired by the name “Alexis” that was later morphed with the word “luxury” to create

2. The luxury brand was main carmakers to purchase a high-grade sound system because of its cars. Apparently, the sound is an essential feature because of this brand. So much, that Yamaha has designed the cabin of some of its coolest cars around.

3. Guess who sells more hybrid vehicles than every other brand? Lexus does. The best-selling hybrid from the carmaker is the Lexus RX 400h/RX 450h, with 335,000 units sold about the world by last year.

4. Since 2002, Lexus has positioned itself in the top ratings for reliability and loyalty in the luxury cars category for Auto Express, Top Gear, J.D. Power, and Luxury Institute.

5. Initially, Lexus attracted customers from the non-luxury category for its image of high-quality, but lower pricing than the other makes. Little by little, it began to acquire a following, and today its cars can surpass the $100k super-luxury standards. Expensive anymore.

6. And, the main selling line of luxury cars in america is….Lexus! Starting charges for all model run between $33,000 for the IS 250 and $77,000 for the LX 570 SUV. This marque stands at most coveted host to all automobile brands.

7. Major Surprise! Lexus holds the third-to-last position at the “most expensive cars to keep up” list. And therefore even though it’s an extravagance car numerous awards under its arm, it’s designed so well, that maintenance is no problem.