If your anything like me you love playing MMORPGs but, cant stand the tedious task of PVE and leveling characters. Some games today are designed to be way too time consuming and end up scaring people away simply because we just do not have a month of our lives to throw away. Even if you decide your willing to embark on the horrendous journey of leveling a character, once you hit 50 you still have to put together a template or in plainer terms, get your toon top of the line gear to be able to compete with these other players that have years of experience on you.

Star Wars The Old Republic is one of these MMORPGs. The PvP aspect of the game like all others is more addicting than cigarettes but, the leveling could probably kill you faster than cigarettes. I started playing SWTOR about 6 months ago and attempted to level myself. I lasted all of one week before I decided that it was just too much to commit too so I began looking around for leveling guides or leveling services. Do not try a leveling service as there are hundred of people out there offering to level your toons for you and end up stealing your account.

As far as leveling guides go I came across a ton. SWTOR Savior, SWTOR Secret, AEON Guide and many others. Considering each of the three offered a 30 day money back guarantee I purchased all three to compare and contrast the differences of each. In the end it was SWTOR Savior that gave me the edge I was looking for.

The SWTOR walkthrough was nothing short of fantastic. When I set out on leveling a new character I am very particular with my toon and the gear I equip him with. SWTOR Savior is completely up to date with all the new updates and gives you the inside information you need to get the right gear. The SWTOR walkthrough goes indepth on every category necessary including:

1. They have leveling guides with full color maps for ALL classes  AND advanced classes!
2. They have build guides for PVE (Leveling), PVP, Flashpoints and Operations –  complete with full rotations!
3. They have credit guides that will show you how to use the GTN to make a HUGE  amount of credits fast!
4. They have complete guides to all crew skills in the game – whether you need help  gathering, crafting or with the mission skills it is ALL here…
5. They show you how to dominate the warzones and win at PVP not to mention get EPIC  gear in the process!
6. They have complete guides to ALL Flashpoints and Operations in the game!
7. They have gear and itemization guides and more to the point – how to get it all  FAST!

There are also so many other add ons and bonuses that come with the guide.

This SWTOR walkthrough is sure to do the trick and if not you have an 30 day money back guarantee so there is no need to panic. You can pick it up, give it a try and if you dont like it then return within 30 days for your money back.

If your interested in this guide you can check out the official SWTOR Saviour website here.


Still Haven’t Seen Enough?

Still not to sure if this is what your looking for? Check out this video to get an indepth look at what this SWTOR walkthrough can do for you and all your future characters.


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