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That pesky cough can be irritating, painful, and downright annoying. Coughs can be a problem at any time of the year, coming for short periods of time, or becoming chronic. How to get rid of a cough is a question many ask and are always looking for solutions. There are many remedies one can try. However, it is important to pay attention to a cough. If it causes severe pain, involves difficulty bleeding, produces yellow mucus or blood, or has other symptoms such as fever, it is time to consult a healthcare professional for the possibility of a serious underlying condition.

How to get rid of a cough that is simply a result of mild irritation or allergies can be addressed through different options. One can try honey which is quite soothing on the throat and bronchials, providing a coating that may end the cough. It can be taken in tea or simply by the teaspoon. Humidifiers in the household may also help if it is a dry atmosphere, especially in winter when the heat is running. A vaporizer at night, with medicine added to it or without, may assist in ending that cough. Putting a vapor rub on the neck and chest may also assist in getting rid of a cough. Simply keeping the throat lubricated with hard candies or drinking fluids often, especially water, may do the trick as well.

If a cough is due to allergies or a cold, aside from the previous remedies, there are always numerous over-the-counter medications in syrups, drops, and pill form that can relieve a cough. In addition, the flu shot may help avoid catching illnesses that cause coughs. For someone with fever and a serious upper respiratory problem, the doctor will be able to prescribe powerful decongestants, expectorants, and suppresants. Dressing properly could help in how to get rid of a cough. When the cold weather comes, failing to wear scarves and layers could make a person sick or simply bring back that irritating cough again. A victim of coughing should think about what is causing the cough and when it is at its worst or best, choosing remedies that have had success and avoiding problems. Smoking is one of the biggest factors that causes a cough. Smokers should think long and hard about what their habit is doing to their body and consider quitting. Not only could it end the cough, it might also mean a much longer, healthier life. For non-smokers, it is important to stay away from cigarette smoke as it is a major irritant that can bring about fits of coughing through exposure.

A person does not have to put up with an incessant cough. In order to learn how to get rid of a cough you must try some of the various methods above and paying attention to one’s symptoms to specifically pinpoint where the problem originiated. Healthy life choices, controlling the environment or adapting to it, home remedies, and store bought medications can always help. Drinking fluids, hot and cold, can be a major combatant to the annoying, recurring cough.

If your cough is raspy and you are producing phlegm it is always a good idea to make sure you continually spit out what ever you bring up. As disgusting as it is, swallowing the phlegm only makes the problem worse. If you are a smoker it is recommended that you stop smoking for the time being, atleast until your cough has been tamed. Smoking also contributes to a cough as cigarrette smoke will produce a phlegm build up in your throat and also dries out your throat at the same time.

By following all guidelines and methods provided above you should have no problem learning how to get rid of a cough. Just remember to pay close attention to your symptoms because there could be a more severe underyling problem than your everyday common cough in which you should contact your doctor. In most cases a cough should last anywhere from one to two weeks however a severe cough such a bronchitis can linger around as long as a month. If you have a cough longer than one to two weeks and you do NOT have bonchitis contact your doctor immediately.

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  1. Phillip Hutchinson says:

    Cough and phlem always go hand in hand. Most of the time it goes away after taking some vitamin-c and in some cases, antibiotics.

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