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I have been involved with forex for just over 7 years now and I would like to think I know my way around. I had the privilege of being a beta tester for Forex Flex EA and I cannot believe what they have created. I was approached by the creator Steven Westwood and was asked to put my trading expertise to work to see how it produced. Myself, a select few other beta testers and the producers of Forex Flex EA compiled the best settings now known as the default settings. The results that were produced by this EA are really second to none so I will let them speak for themselves… I have my results along with two other accounts posted below which belong to Forex Flex EA.

Simplicity At It’s Finest

A common problem with automated systems is keeping your system up to date with optimal settings for the current market conditions. Forex Flex EA has integrated a new automatic update system to ensure your system is always up to date with the current, best performing settings for the market conditions at that point in time. No more optimizing and tweaking with settings, now this is a TRUE automated system.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Unlike any other EA, Flex EA has come up with a genius way to pinpoint the absolute best and safest entry point. They have integrated a system that opens “virtual trades” as they call it; that monitor the market looking for the perfect moment to strike. These “virtual trades” are not actual trades and nothing is being risked which makes this EA so unique in its functionality. You are able to optimize how many “virtual trades” you want open in order to determine your trade accuracy and frequency however it is recommended you use 6 per currency pair.

Shuffle The Deck

If your into the whole optimizing and tweaking game then there is the option to go that route. With Flex EA you can pick and choose between 7 different unique strategies and simply activate it and give it a run. The flexibility of this software is next level and its all done with risk factor in mind; low risk, high reward. Depending on which package you choose you will only have a limited number of unique strategies at your disposal. All packages offer all 7 strategies.

The seven unique strategies are:

1. Default – This is a hybrid trading strategy of Super Precise, Half Grid and Trend Surfer.
2. Super Precise – This open trades very rarely, but when it does they’re often very very accurate.
3. Scalper settings – Scalps small profits during market corrections
4. Full Grid – You’re tradition martingale style trading
5. Half Grid – Half martingale, so not quite so risky
6. Trend Surfer – Similar to Super Precise and Default settings.
7. Shotgun – Throw paint at the wall and see what sticks, this is a fun strategy but also very risk!
Read more about the unique strategies.

“Precision + Simplicity = Flexibility”

Silver Gold Diamond
Packages silver gold plat
Whats Included?
  • 1 Live Account License
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts
  • 7 of 7 Unique Strategies
  • 2 Live Account License
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts
  • 7 of 7 Unique Strategies
  • 4 Live Account License
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts
  • 7 of 7 Unique Strategies
    Every copy of Forex Flex EA is integrated with the following features:

  • NFA And FIFO Compatible
  • Will work on any MT4 broker
  • Highly Optimized Settings
  • Free, Automatic Hands Off Updates
  • Low risk, high reward
  • ECN support
  • Small Stoploss
  • Money Management incorporated
  • Unlimited Demo accounts allowed
Results My Results
99% Backtests backtests
Price $399.99 $599.99 $999.99
Refund Policy 30 day money back guarantee with proof of poor results
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Based on my personal experience and the extensive detail engraved into Forex Flex EA there is no doubt in my mind that this is a safe investment. The one thing I always look for when I review an EA is whether or not the website has legit, real money results posted and how many. Usually people try to hype their product based on one fluke set of results and people do fall for it. Getting lucky once can and does happen but I would love to see them repeat it two and three times over. The Forex Flex website has three legit, real money results posted along with 99.9% modelling quality backtests.

Safe To Buy?

Absolutely! Besides there is a 30 day money back guaranteed... That's if you can manage to show proof of bad results. I would say its pretty evident that they have confidence in their product.

Check out the Forex Flex EA homepage here.

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